Land Spanien
Gebiet D.O. Toro
Jahrgang 2008
Art Rotwein
Sorten 100% Tinta de Toro
Ausbau 16 Monate
Alk (% Vol) 15,5 %
Imagen Logo D.O. Toro
Icono DescargaTechnisches Blatt
Icono DescargaAbbildung Flasche
The Toro region covers some municipal areas in the provinces of Valladolid and Zamora.

The current Toro wines are some of the most renowned ones of Spain. The vineyards that produce the grapes used to make this wine are located in the province of Zamora, exactly between Venialbo and road CL-519.

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· Over 50-year-old vineyards, with a maximum production of 1,500 kg. of grapes per hectare
· Hand harvesting
· Sorting table: Selection of the smallest bunches, of less than 200 grammes. Hand destemmed grapes, choosing only the perfect grapes
· Fermentation at a controlled temperature between 26 and 28°C., with 2 daily pump-overs for 10 days
· Maceration after fermentation with manual pump-overs for 21 days
· Aged for 16 months in French oak barrels
· Exclusive production: 4,200 bottles 75cl.
· Visual stage
Intense cherry-red colour, high depth, dense.

· Olfactory stage
Explosion of ripe fruit to the nose, cinnamon, chocolate and black pepper scents.

· Tasting stage
Tannins perfect-integrated with fruit, velvety and elegant.
· Storage
7-8 years at the recommended temperature of 16º C.

· Serving
The best temperature for correct serving is between 16 y 18º C.

· Food pairing
Ideal wine for game, grilled and roasted meat. Also for the local traditional stews and cheese.
Good pairing with black chocolate.
2008 Vintage
· ***Stars. Premium Select Wine Challange.
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