1. Company Details
NOS RIQUEZA S.L., in accordance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002 on e-commerce and information society services and in accordance with our company's principle of transparency, informs the users of our web site:

Company Name: NOS RIQUEZA S.L.
Registered Address: C/ Sánchez Calvo, Nº 6, Bajo A, 33402, Avilés (Asturias).
Contact Address: C/ Sánchez Calvo, Nº 6, Bajo A, 33402, Avilés (Asturias).
Fiscal ID No. B-74020702.
Registered in the Register of Companies of Asturias, volume 2910, sheet 1, Section 8, page AS-25865.
E-mail address: info@nosriqueza.com.
Contact telephone: (+34) 984 836 826

2. Intellectual Property
The source code, graphic designs, images, photos, sounds, animations, software, text, information and contents in http://www.nosriqueza.com are protected by Spanish legislation on the intellection and industrial property rights in favour of NOS RIQUEZA S.L. and total or partial reproduction and and/or publication of the web site, modification, distribution, transformation or decompilation, or any other rights that legally belong to the owner, are strictly prohibited without the express authorisation in writing by NOS RIQUEZA S.L. or its clients.

The material that appears on this web site is exclusively for personal and private use; its commercial use or for illegal purposes is strictly prohibited. NOS RIQUEZA S.L. and its clients expressly reserve the intellectual property rights.

NOS RIQUEZA S.L. will make sure that the previously mentioned conditions are followed, as well as an adequate use of the web site contents, by exercising all the legal and civil actions required if a user breaches or abuses these rights.

3. Personal Data Protection
With this legal notice, NOS RIQUEZA S.L., with registered address at C/ Sánchez Calvo, Nº 6, Bajo A, 33402, Avilés (Asturias), informs all its web site users about its privacy and personal data protection policy, so users can decide freely and voluntarily if they wish to provide any personal data that may be required because they are interested in getting in contact with the company in this way.

We will not collect any personal information through this web site that may identify you, unless you voluntarily decide to do so either by the form included in the 'Location' section on the web site, or by the e-mail address we provide.

The personal data collected will be treated in an automated and conventional way and included and kept in certain files belonging to NOS RIQUEZA S.L., who is the entity responsible for these files, and they are all duly registered in the General Data Protection Register.

Your personal data is collected and treated with the aim to get in contact with you and manage the any consultation requests; in order to keep you informed by e-mail or by any other means, about new products and services related to the company; and to manage the basic administration tasks as well as your participation in personnel selection processes.

The company managers will be the recipients of your information, and they commit themselves to use the information provided, keep it confidential and use it for the stated purposes.

If you send your personal information by e-mail or if you accept our privacy policy attached to the form in the ‘Location’ section, we will understand that you give your unequivocal consent to treat this information.

Any registered user may, at any moment, and in accordance with the current legislation on data protection, revoke authorisation for the treatment of personal information, and will have the right to access, modify, cancel or oppose to the provided personal information, by writing to NOS RIQUEZA S.L. at the address provided above.

In any case, the user is responsible for authenticity of the provided information. NOS RIQUEZA S.L. reserves the right to exclude from the company’s services any users who have provided false information, without affecting any other legal actions.

The user is responsible for informing NOS RIQUEZA S.L. about any modification on the provided personal information.

NOS RIQUEZA S.L. will comply with the Personal Data Protection Law provisions on the duty to cancel any personal information that is no longer necessary for the purpose or purposes for which it was collected, only storing the information that is necessary to comply with the legal obligations that we have as a company. The information will be deleted in a way that ensures its effective destruction.

Under 14 year olds must not disclose any personal information without prior consent from their parents or guardian. NOS RIQUEZA S.L. is not responsible for any personal information disclosed by under 14 year olds without authorisation. NOS RIQUEZA S.L. supports parents and guardians in their job of teaching children on how to use personal information on internet in a safe, healthy and responsible way. NOS RIQUEZA S.L. will not consciously store for any purpose any personal information disclosed by children.

NOS RIQUEZA S.L. has adopted the legally required safety levels to protect personal information according to the treated information, and it has introduced additional technical means and methods to prevent the provided information from being altered, lost, treated or accessed without authorisation, in accordance with Article 9 of the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection, in the RD 1720/2007 of 13 December, which approves the implementing regulation of the Personal Data Protection Law.
The user, nevertheless, must be aware that internet safety measures are not invulnerable.

When you access our web site, we do not store any information in your computer by means of a cookie in order to recognise you automatically next time you decide to use our site.

This internet portal contains links to other web sites related to the company.

NOS RIQUEZA S.L. reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy in order to adapt it to new laws or legal requirements. If this was the case, we would announce any changes on this page sufficiently in advance before carrying them out.

NOS RIQUEZA S.L. previously provides users with appropriate technical resources to access this Privacy Policy and Data Protection, as well as any other relevant information, so users can allow this company to treat their personal information.

4. Miscellaneous
A.- NOS RIQUEZA S.L. - nosriqueza.com will be able to modify the information on the web site, its configuration and its presentation, without prior notice.

B.- NOS RIQUEZA S.L. - nosriqueza.com promises not to CARRY OUT FRAUDULENT ADVERTISING. Formal or number mistakes that may be found in the different sections of the NOS RIQUEZA S.L. - nosriqueza.com web site will not be considered fraudulent advertising, if the mistakes are caused by an incomplete or faulty maintenance or updating.

NOS RIQUEZA S.L. - nosriqueza.com, commits itself to correcting these mistakes as soon as they are discovered.

C.- NOS RIQUEZA S.L., commits itself NOT TO SEND COMMERCIAL MESSAGES WITHOUT STATING THEIR NATURE, in accordance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002 on e-commerce and information society services.

D.- NOS RIQUEZA S.L. - nosriqueza.com is not responsible for users not complying with any applicable regulation when visiting the web site www.nosriqueza.com and/or using the information on this web site.

E.- NOS RIQUEZA S.L. - nosriqueza.com will not be responsible for any damage caused, whatever the nature, by the use of the information and material on this web site and the programmes included in it. The links and hypertext that enable the user to access, from our web site www.nosriqueza.com, services offered by third parties, do not belong to NOS RIQUEZA S.L. - nosriqueza.com and they are not under its control. The company will not be responsible for the information that they contain or for any effects that this information may have.

F.- NOS RIQUEZA S.L. - nosriqueza.com is not responsible for any unlawful use by third parties of the brand name, product names, or commercial makes that appear on the web site www.nosriqueza.com and are not property of this company.

The company is not responsible for the integrity, truthfulness or lawfulness of the content of the web links that may be able to be accessed from www.nosriqueza.com.

G.- NOS RIQUEZA S.L. - nosriqueza.com is not responsible for any viruses that may come from infiltrated data transmission by third parties (e.g. word processor macros, Java applets and Active X programmes), created with the aim of damaging a computer system.

H.- To sum up, the user is the sole responsible for the use made of the services, contents, links and hypertext included in the web site www.nosriqueza.com.